Oak & Stone Curbside Delivery!

Oak & Stone is now offering Curbside Takeout at all locations for our hungry guests who are on the run! 

Star students from Academy Prep of St. Pete tried their hands at pizza making at Oak & Stone DTSP!

To celebrate Academy Prep and all that they do for children in the St. Pete area, Oak & Stone proudly hosted a pizza making party for the students. They all put personal flairs to their handmade pizzas: Light sauce, extra sausage, a sprinkle of mushrooms, or the ever so classic plain cheese.


Oak & Stone To Open St. Pete Location

More beers! Who doesn’t want that!?

Oh, 4/20. A holiday known throughout the ages. Naturally, the Oak & Stoner Team had to celebrate this wondrous occasion. With that, came the ultimate pizza... THE pizza of all pizzas, if you will.

We want to hear from you! 

Which toppings would you put on the UTC Pizza? Tell us what you think by commenting on our video on Facebook! 

On Sunday, April 15th, come on down to Oak & Stone UTC and sample some of YOUR pizza creations! From 4-6 p.m., you can sample and vote for your favorite pizza. 




What better way to celebrate National Pizza Day than by giving away three pizza parties to deserving local businesses?