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The Oak & Stone Tap Experience

Oak & Stone boast the largest RFID technology self-serve brew wall in the region, with walls ranging from 40 - 60 taps of golden beer goodness that you can pour by the ounce.


How will you craft your own story?

What is the beer wall all about?
The beer wall allows you to be your own bartender. Each tap has its own screen that gives you information about what beer is on tap, it’s A.B.V (alcohol by volume), IBUs (a measure of how bitter the beer is), price, and some tasting notes. Using an RFID bracelet, you can open the tap and pour as much or as little as you would like, allowing you to sample to your hearts content.

How to get a bracelet?
Once you let an Oak and Stone associate know that you would like to enjoy the beer wall, you will provide an ID and Credit card on file in exchange for your own RFID bracelet. You are then free to pour.

How to use a bracelet?
Open the tap by waving your bracelet in front of the Oak and Stone logo until the light turns green.

How am I charged?
Our system measures your pours to the 1/10 of an ounce and charges accordingly, depending on your choice of brew. Once you are ready to settle up, you can get an itemized receipt of what you tasted.

What are you serving?
We are constantly rotating our beer selection to enhance each experience at Oak & Stone. Our current list of what's on tap is below. You can also download the Taphunter app to access our list on the go.

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